For the Staff

  • Square One Banking
    • Toss a little change into your virtual money jar when you fill up your car, shop for groceries, enjoy a dinner out, etc. with our new cashback banking.
    • When you use your Legacy Bank Visa debit card, we’ll throw a dime into your Money Jar for each $10-$25 purchase and a quarter for each purchase over $25.00. For purchases of $100 or more, we give you a dollar back. Watch how quickly those dimes, quarters, and dollars add up.
    • Free mobile banking with remote check deposit
    • Free eStatements with e-mail notification
    • Legacy Bill Pay
    • Use our network of over 500 fee free ATMs.
  • Bank & Co Loan
    • Quickly get an unsecured loan to help when an emergency comes up. Turnaround is usually one business day or even same day.
    • No collateral needed
    • Employees with six months of service with Bank & Co employer will qualify.
      • Credit score of 620 or above can loan up to 5% of their annual income ($4,000 maximum).
      • Credit score below 620 will qualify for a loan up to $500.00.
    • Direct deposit from employer is required.
    • You can apply for a loan once your account has been open for 30 days.
    • No active bankruptcies, levies, or judgements
    • Any current or past loan with Legacy Bank must be paid as agreed.
  • Direct Deposit
    You can skip a trip to the bank and get your money quicker with direct deposit from your employer.
  • Financial seminars and resources
    Need help reading a credit report, increasing our credit score, creating a budget? We will work with you to set up short informational seminars and share resources.

IMPORTANT- BEFORE OPENING ANY BANK ACCOUNT, BE AWARE: Legacy Bank is subject to the laws of Oklahoma and the United States, and as such has to honor any and all levies and garnishments filed against you and presented to the bank. If you have any judgments, garnishments, or levies against you, we recommend you consider those before you direct your pay to be deposited in a Legacy Bank account.

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