For the Company

  • State of the industry Cash Management products
    We want to help you simplify your business banking. Use our cash management products to conduct banking transactions conveniently over the internet, gain faster access to funds, deposit from multiple locations into a single company account, easily transfer funds, pay employees with direct deposit and more.
  • Best pricing in the market for Commercial Checking
    We are happy to put together an analysis of your current fees and charges and do a cost comparison.
  • Dedicated customer service commitment
    Our business banking associates make it easy. We are happy to come out, set everything up, and do hands on training, and we don't stop there. We are just a phone call away if any problem arises.
  • Payroll, sweep and ACH services
    Make payroll more manageable and maximize funds in your account.
  • Kick-off party
    Let's talk over breakfast or a cup of coffee on us. We will bring the bagels or other round pastry with hole in the middle. A team of Legacy associates will come kick off our new Company Club partnership and explain all the ins and outs during a short informational meeting for employees.
  • And who doesn't love a free lunch?
    We will provide your employees with lunch on us a few times a year. It's just our way of saying thanks for partnering with us.
  • We would love the opportunity to tell our community about your business
    Let us feature your company on our outdoor message board or set up a display in our lobby.

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