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Introduction Estate Plan

Estates are comprised of all of the assets an individual possesses at the time of death.


We are experienced in wrapping up a deceased individual’s finances so that the estate may be settled, including the safeguarding of your assets, collection of income, investment of funds, and the filing of required reports with the court and completion of the necessary tax returns.

Estate planning allows an individual to control the disposition of his wealth and property before and after death. With careful and thoughtful planning, an individual can assure that his estate will pass to those individuals and charitable organizations he chooses, at the time and in the manner in which he chooses and at the least cost to all those involved. The estate planning process includes financial, legal, tax, medical and business considerations and should be regularly updated.

An individual needs to establish an estate plan to control the disposition of his or her assets both during life and after death. Among other things, an estate plan will provide guidance on medical decisions during a person’s lifetime, guardianship of children and distribution of property at death. An individual who dies without an estate plan will loose control of his estate and can pay unintended beneficiaries as well as lose a large percentage of his estate.

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