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Sweep Accounts

Sweep Accounts are for those commercial customers who want to earn a higher interest rate on large checking account balances.

First, we set a floor balance and sweep increment levels based on your monthly activity. This floor balance stays in your checking account each day. To reach your floor balance, Legacy Trust then daily sweeps funds into and out of your Legacy Bank checking account and into a higher-yielding money market account at a large, well-respected money market provider. This allows you to earn a higher rate of interest than you could in your checking account while still giving you the flexibility and liquidity you need from that checking account. Some benefits of utilizing Legacy Trust for Sweep Accounts are:

  • Large, well-respected money manager managing your excess funds
  • Earn a higher interest rate on your balances
  • Same day sweeping always allows you access to your swept funds
  • All the benefits and flexibility of your commercial checking account

Products offered through Legacy Trust may not be FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by the bank, and may involve investment risk including loss of principal.