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Express Deposit

Save time and money when you scan and send checks to your Legacy Bank account.

Express Deposit will allow you to transmit check deposits from the convenience of your office without going to the bank or waiting for couriers, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Express Deposit is ideal for your business if you

  • Deposit large dollar checks
  • Make frequent deposits
  • Cannot leave the business during the day
  • Are not physically located near a Legacy Bank location
  • Have trouble meeting deposit deadlines

How can Express Deposit benefit your business?

  • Added convenience – saving you or your employees from driving to the bank
  • Improved security – lower risk of lost deposits or carrying deposit bags
  • Saves you money – reduction in transportation or courier costs
  • Saves time – you and your employees can focus on the business instead of trips to the bank

What can you do with Express Deposit?

  • Convert paper checks into electronic images, which have the same legal standing as the physical checks.
  • Deposit scanned checks online, enabling funds to move more quickly from the check originator’s account to the depositor’s account.
  • Scan checks received for deposit to your business account, using a check scanner available at setup.
  • Ensure image quality with the system’s courtesy/legal recognition software that automatically prefills dollar amounts and reduces key entry.
  • Verify and approve the deposit, and submit to Legacy Bank for processing at or before the daily cutoff time. Deposits are then credited to your account.

Additional Express Deposit Functionality

  • Scan checks and create deposits
  • Edit when necessary, approve and submit deposits
  • Access reports detailing remote deposit activity
  • Optional per-check and per-deposit submission limits set by depositor’s system manager


  • Express Deposit involves a two-year agreement at $50 per month. A one-time $500 installation / set-up fee includes software, hardware, and a two-year maintenance plan.
  • If a two-year agreement is not right for your company, Legacy Bank also offers you the option of purchasing the hardware at the bank’s cost. Under this option, you are responsible for purchasing your own maintenance plan. The monthly charge for this option is $50.