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Cash Management Products


Conduct banking transactions conveniently over the Internet. Legacy Bank eBanking presents information in real-time and has many functions to help you with your business.

Zero Balance Accounts

Eliminate excess balances in separate accounts, and maintain greater control over disbursements by funding them through a single central account. Funds automatically transfer in an amount only large enough to cover checks presented for different types of associated accounts such as payroll, health care, and general payables. This is available at a monthly charge of $10 per account.

Lockbox Services

Streamline remittance processing and gain faster access to funds. Speed the collection and processing of remittance mail.

Night Deposit

Deposit your business proceeds even when the bank is closed. Night deposits are processed on the next business day.

Deposit Consolidation

Consolidate deposits from multiple locations into a single company account via ACH, allowing you to stay on top of your funding position.

Concentration of Funds

Collect funds from your company’s remote bank accounts for deposit to your company’s account at Legacy Bank. This allows maximum use of funds in remote locations at the earliest opportunity.

ACH Debits

This allows you to transfer funds by authorizing us to electronically debit your bank account for the amount you report via our system.

ACH Credits

Pay employees, retirees, shareholders, or trading partners on a regular basis. Help eliminate costs associated with the number of checks you must write and process and also the risk and cost of lost or stolen checks. Payees benefit because funds are automatically deposited to their account on the date specified without a trip to the bank.

Check Imaging

View checks that are written and received through eBanking and on your monthly statements. This allows verification of which checks have been received and a record of who had written checks for your company.


This allows complete control over issuance of drafts and authorization of payment and is an automated method for collecting drafts when received and tracking drafts to ensure prompt payment or return.

Corporate Check Card

This provides an efficient payment option with greater convenience and control of expenditures than cash or checks and allows you to set spending limits for authorized employees.

Money Transfer

Easily and quickly transfer funds from one Legacy Bank account to another via eBanking.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is a simple, secure, and fast method of transferring money to a different company, customer, account, etc.

Sweep Accounts

Gain the greatest amount of interest with the minimum amount of personal intervention. Automatically transfer amounts that exceed or fall short of a certain level into a higher interest-earning account at the close of each business day.