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Basic Business Checking

This account is for the small businesses like sole proprietorships and "Doing Business As" type accounts.

While you can choose a personal eBank feature for this account, it does not include business eBanking or cash management products.

Basic Business Checking provides a free account option for a small business. There is no regular service charge on the account, and the first 150 transactions per month on the account are free. After 150 has been reached for the month, there is a per item charge of twenty-two cents.

If your business accepts credit cards, this account requires that you use Legacy’s VISA® Merchant Services.* If you are under a current contract for these services, this requirement may be waived. Basic Business Checking provides an electronic bank statement rather than a paper one. Free personal eBanking services are provided with this account. However, your business may benefit from the full-featured Business eBanking product available with Commercial Banking. That account provides many valuable business banking tools. Ask your Legacy Associate for details on how Business eBanking can serve your business.


* VISA® Merchant Services and, in turn, Basic Business Checking are only available to those who qualify.