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Help for Hurricane Sandy

Oklahomans continue to offer a helping hand to residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Sandy was the second costliest hurricane in United States history and many families still live with the daily reminders of the damage left by the powerful storm. Legacy Bank President Paul Hill feels fortunate that he had the opportunity to help clean up some of this damage.

Each year Legacy Bank gives its employees 40 hours of paid volunteer time, and this year Hill decided to use his Connect Time to travel with the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief Group to Brooklyn. He was part of a 13 member team that helped individuals clean out damaged areas of their home. The group would then remove drywall and flooring and sanitize the areas to remove mold.

"The work itself was so different from what I normally do and the results so satisfying I would recommend this to any other able bodied person interested in providing assistance to someone less fortunate and in need of these types of services", says Hill. "The experience was truly amazing, and most importantly we were missionaries primarily and debris removal/mud out workers as secondary goals."

The team Hill was with completed 16 jobs in six days. They also had the opportunity to present each homeowner they helped with a handmade quilt and a Bible signed by each member of the team.

"Everyone we came in contact with, the homeowners we assisted and the various neighbors passing by were so appreciative and thankful for our help. It was a truly humbling experience."

For more information on how you can volunteer with the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief team visit http://www.bgco.org/ministries/disaster-relief.

Help for Hurricane Sandy Help for Hurricane Sandy