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Life Stages

This person is relatively new to the world of managing money. She could be a college student with a part-time job, someone who just began her first career, or a bride-to-be making marriage plans. In any case, there are some bills to pay and a little bit of disposable income to manage. She is beginning to take on the responsibilities of supporting herself. Immediate financial concerns include paying rent, taking care of bills, and having some money for fun and entertainment.

Accounts to Consider

  • WinWin Checking
  • Basic Checking
  • Money Market Savings

Products and Services to Consider

  • Interest Earning Feature*
  • Direct Deposit*
  • eStatements*
  • VISA® Check Card*
  • eBanking*
  • Bill Pay*
  • Credit Card
  • Consumer Loans
  • ATM Card
  • Telephone Banking

* Included with WinWin Checking
All checking accounts available as joint accounts.
See account brochures and disclosures for details on Legacy account products.

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