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To Our Legacy Community

As we all adjust to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to let you know some of the things we’re doing to help protect our customers and employees.

Certainly for those in the higher risk groups and for all us to some extent, we’re being more conscious of situations of social contact and being in public places. This is a good time to remember that you have access to your bank accounts and banking functionality with e-banking and bill pay through, and our mobile app where you can deposit checks, transfer funds and track your accounts. The best way to track those accounts is by setting up mobile alerts so that you are notified when there is activity on your account. A call to our support center at 405-748-2535 can get you set up.

Of course, in order for our support center staff and all our employees to be well and available they must have a work environment that is safe. We are taking measures to provide a clean workplace and asking our team to take care to follow the recommendations from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention and our local authorities regarding hand-washing, staying home if sick, etc. We are asking employees who travel to highly impacted areas to not return to work for two weeks following travel.

We take great pride in being a COMMUNITY bank that is over 100 years old. One of the best parts of that is that many of our customers like to come to the bank. We still hope you do. And when you do, know that we’re mindful of your safety and that of our employees. We know you will be as well. For our frontline staff, while they love serving customers, they are also exposed to many every day. For now, don’t be surprised or offended if they don’t offer a handshake or hug, or if they use a squirt of hand-sanitizer after the transaction. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy.

From all of us at Legacy Bank.

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